Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed!

Submitters will be notified of acceptance or other in July 2018.

It is therefore important to convey the most important points of your proposed paper within your abstract. Below we have provided the abstract review criteria to help you in determining what to include in your 100-word abstract. We welcome abstracts related to the conference theme (“Mining: Share the Message”) as well as other provocative, innovative topics of interest to the mining community.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Do the subjects conveyed in the abstract add value to the industry?
  2. Does the abstract convey aspects that are new/novel and/or unique?
  3. Is the abstract written with correct English grammar and sentence structure?
  4. Does the subject matter align with the conference themes or propose an interesting ‘other’ theme?

SME Abstract Criteria

  • Does the title of the abstract reflect the subject described in the abstract?
  • Does the subject of the abstract match one of the congress topics listed?
  • Is the theme of the abstract relevant and interesting for mining in general?
  • Does the abstract in sufficient detail describe what will be the content of the paper?
  • Does the paper demonstrate the application of the techniques described using either simulated or real problems?
  • Does the conclusion of the paper comprise logical results?

Check Your Submission for Accuracy

Please check your confirmation and ensure that all of your contact information, the title of your presentation, and your summary are complete and correct, as they will be printed as you have submitted them. In particular, please ensure that your presentation title and summary statement are not truncated due to character and word limits.


Abstract submission now closed.

For questions regarding abstract submission for the 33rd Annual Florida SME Regional Mining Conference, please contact SME Author Support at authors@smenet.org.



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