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As stewards of the mining industry it is our responsibility to stay current on the industry best practices, educate ourselves on new research and processes, and meet production demands for a growing economy. It is also our responsibility to educate our communities on the benefits of mining, the everyday products mining supports and the environmental care the industry takes in restoring the lands. It is important that we get the correct message out to the public because the average citizen is not usually educated on the benefits of mining, and, for the most part, hears only the negative perception of mining through activist organizations and other misinformed public. So we urge you to attend the 2018 Regional Mining Conference, network, better educate yourselves, and most importantly, share the message!

The Florida SME Regional Mining Conference (FLSME Conference)

The FLSME Conference is the largest conference in the Southeast relating to all industries involved in mining and mining-related services. Boasting an international audience, this conference is a great venue for networking, sharing ideas and gaining insight through excellent technical sessions and exhibitor demonstrations.

  •   12999 E Adam Aircraft Cir
         Englewood, CO 80012
  •   303.948.4200
  • cs@smenet.org

About The Florida Section

Established in 1949 the Florida Section of the Society for Mining Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME) is a legally constituted unit of SME. The SME FL Section helps to enhance the professional development of their members and provide local service to the public.

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